Reply To all posts/comments on YouTube, Facebook, GMB, including any other Social Platforms regarding the incident at Montrose San-Juan RV Park on 7/29/2020.

As you are aware, we had a situation occur at our park last week that has escalated to the point that we feel the need to share more information than we originally anticipated.  Here are the facts we have documented through the witnesses and police reports:

On the 29th, the Trabue family, who had checked in on 7/27/2020, tried to have a package delivered to the park from Federal Express.

One of the rules of the park is that mail and/or packages CAN NOT be sent to any camper, for any reason, during their stay at the park. The reason for this rule has to do with “Domicile” laws in the state of Colorado. To allow mail to be delivered to a camper at the park’s address establishes “residency,” which puts a person into a legal category that requires any future actions to be treated as a Landlord/Tenant relationship. As a result, the park has chosen not to allow anyone to receive mail or packages.

This has been a long-standing rule and is verbally expressed to anyone at the time they make their reservation, at the time they check-in, and is also spelled out in the written rules they receive upon check-in. All three of these notifications were given to the Trabue family.

After the park refused delivery of the package, the driver, who works for a third-party delivery company used by FedEx in this area, called Mr. Trabue to explain that the park would not accept delivery. Mr. Trabue then set up a pickup just outside the gate and carried the package back into the park, showing the package to a person in the office.

Because of the package delivery violation (as well as earlier incidents concerning their Trabue children) Tom Vail, the park manager, and following Company mandated rules send an email to Mr. Trabue at 3:48 PM on Wednesday, July 29th, stating that as a result of his willfully taking possession of the FedEx package after being told that he could not receive mail, he was in violation of Park rules and informing him that he would have to leave the park by the next day at 1 PM.

Upon receipt of the email, Mr. Trabue approached Mt Vail to see if he was serious about kicking him out of the park, and Tom said he was. Mr. Taube’s traveling companion, Mr. Armstead, also got involved in the conversation at this time and began cursing and raising his voice about the matter, escalating to the point of grabbing Tom’s arm as part of the heated exchange. Tom shoved his arm off and drove his golf cart away, ending the conversation.

It should be noted that the profanity used by both Mr. Trabue and Mr. Armstead was in the presence of other guests of the park, including children.

Tom, feeling he had no other choice at that point, called the Montrose County Sheriff’s Department. He explained the situation to the dispatcher and, three deputies were dispatched to see if a resolution could be hashed out. While Tom spoke with one of the deputies, Mr. Trabue and Mr. Armstead talked to the other two. That conversation heated up, and Trabue and Armstead were heard shouting and cursing and eventually turned away from the deputies and began walking back to their campsites. One of them proceeded to raise his arm and “flip” the deputies off, which resulted in all three deputies following them back to their campsites where they were told they were being evicted and to leave immediately. Two of the deputies remained with the campers and did not leave their sites until they had vacated them.

Because of the continued escalation of anger from Mr. Trabue and Mr. Armstead, the decision to evict the family on that day was made by the Sheriff’s deputies.

Any verification of the above-stated facts can be achieved by contacting the Montrose County Sheriff’s Department and receiving their encounter report, or by contacting any of the witnesses of the above encounters staying at the park.

This park is widely recognized as one of the safest RV Park on the Western Slope of Colorado. There are times that it may also be known as having too many rules. Two things about that. Rules are necessary to achieve this kind of safety record, and, secondly, rules without enforcement are merely suggestions. We take safety very seriously and will do whatever it takes to protect our campers, even if it sometimes means making a tough decision of evicting rule-breakers from our park.